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Article 1 - Name

1.1  This organization is called the Silicon Valley Software Quality Association (SSQA).

1.2  SSQA is affiliated with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and is the software quality discussion group of ASQ Silicon Valley Section 0613.

Article 2 - Mission

2.1  The SSQA is organized and will operate exclusively for educational, business, professional and scientific purposes:

2.1.1  To promote increased knowledge of and greater interest in the quality aspects of software by providing a forum for discussion and printed articles, speakers, training, conferences, and information regarding the availability of related activities.

2.1.2  To provide a means of communication between persons having an interest in software quality.

2.1.3  To cooperate with other professional groups in the presentation of programs of interest in software quality.

2.1.4  To provide information to aid and assist members in their job search activities.

2.2  The SSQA will serve primarily persons who live or work in the greater Silicon Valley and secondarily other interested persons.

2.3  The SSQA is chartered by the American Society for Quality. These bylaws neither supersede nor abrogate any of the Bylaws of the ASQ.

Article 3 - Membership

3.1  Voting membership in the SSQA shall be opened to all persons listed in the membership roles kept by the Membership Chair.

3.2  Voting membership in the SSQA is open to any interested persons providing their name and address to the Membership Chair.

Article 4 - Officers

4.1  The officers of the SSQA shall be: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Auditor.

4.1.1  Up to two (2) Secretaries can be elected

4.1.2  All officer terms are for one (1) year.

4.2  The SSQA Chair and Auditor are required to be current ASQ members.

4.3  Election of officers.

4.3.1  In June a nomination committee is appointed by the Chair and a call for candidates is published in the SSQA Newsletter.

4.3.2  In July the Nomination Committee's slate of candidates is published in the SSQA Newsletter and nomination of candidates remains open.

4.3.3  In the August SSQA Newsletter all candidates for offices are invited to provide an article of up to 50 words in support of their candidacy.

4.3.4  In August, the official SSQA voting ballot is published and mailed to all members on the SSQA Membership List.  The ballot contains the names of all nominated candidates.  The ballot contains a space for write-in candidates for each elected office.  The ballot will have a mechanism for voting security. (For example, the ballot is printed on the opposite side of the paper from the mailing address label, and all mailed ballots must have the address label in tact.)  The ballot must include return information and mailing deadline.

4.3.5  The counting of ballots for the election of officers shall occur at the regular SSQA meeting in September.  All mailed ballots and ballots collected at the meeting will be checked against the SSQA Membership list to verify one vote per member.  The results of the election will be announced at the end of the meeting.

4.3.6  The Officers will be Installed at the annual October Banquet Dinner Meeting, and officially take office November 1.

4.4  Officer vacancies created by resignation or the inability of an officer to fulfill his/her term shall be filled by appointment by the Chair with confirmation by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

4.5  Duties of SSQA officers.

4.5.1  The Chair shall:  Preside at all meetings of the SSQA organization.  Represent the SSQA at ASQ meetings.  Appoint all SSQA Committee Chairs (with the confirmation of the Executive Committee).

4.5.2  The Vice Chair shall:  Preside at SSQA meetings in the absence of the Chair.  Represent the SSQA at ASQ meetings in the absence of the Chair.  Take over all duties of the Chair in the case that the Chair resigns or can no longer fulfill his or her term.

4.5.3  The Secretary shall:  Keep the Minutes of all SSQA meetings.  Prepare the Annual Task Group Report as needed.  Submit proposed amendment of these bylaws to the ASQ Constitution and Bylaws Committee for approval.

4.5.4  The Auditor shall:  Collect any moneys as needed by the activities of the SSQA.  Work with the ASQ Treasurer for payment of bills.  Maintain the SSQA's financial record.  Prepare the SSQA's Annual Financial Report as requested.

Article 5 - Executive and Steering Committees

5.1  The Executive Committee:

5.1.1  Establishes operating procedures for the SSQA

5.1.2  Decides any and all financial matters of the SSQA, consistent with the Bylaws of the ASQ

5.1.3  Is the only authority that shall grant permission to use the name of the SSQA organization

5.1.4  Is made up of the elected officers

5.1.5  Administers the Steering Committee

5.1.6  Extends voting privileges to ex officio attendees of the Steering Committee

5.1.7  Is the only authority that can grant permission to use the SSQA membership list

5.2  The Steering Committee:

5.2.1  Consists of the Executive Committee members, the immediate Past Chair, and the SSQA committee chair persons

5.2.2  Is open to all SSQA members as ex officio members.

Article 6 - Standing Committees

6.1  The permanent Standing Committees of the SSQA shall be Program, Facilities, Newsletters, Membership, Jobs, and Publicity.

6.2  The committees shall:

6.2.1  Seek and arrange for the SSQA General Meeting's guest speakers.

6.2.2  Make facility arrangements for the program activities.

6.2.3  Oversee and direct plans and preparation for professional seminars, conferences, tutorials and workshops.

6.2.4  Recruit volunteers and select coordinators for each above referenced activity to manage and direct preparation for implementation of these activities.

6.2.5  Oversee the publication of the SSQA Newsletter.

6.2.6  Collect and prepare the SSQA Job Board information for the SSQA Newsletter.

6.2.7  Maintain the SSQA Membership database and mailing list.

6.2.8  Coordinate press announcements, electronic mail notices and other forms of communication of SSQA activities.

6.2.9  Oversee and promote the education and scholarships charter of the SSQA.

6.2.10  Provide for snacks at the SSQA meetings.

Article 7 - Temporary Committees

7.1  The SSQA Chair may appoint temporary committees as appropriate.

7.2  A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the SSQA Chair at least two months prior to the August meeting for the purpose of recruiting officer candidates for the SSQA organization. The Nominating Committee shall perform as indicated in Article 4.3, Election of Officers, of these Bylaws.

7.3  A Bylaws Committee shall be appointed by the SSQA Chair as needed to maintain and update these Bylaws.

7.4  The SSQA Chair, with confirmation of the Executive Committee, can disband any SSQA Temporary Committee.

Article 8 - Regional Groups

8.1  Upon request the Executive Committee shall grant regional groups, interested in establishing an SSQA-like organization, recognition until such time as they have become independent or discontinued.

8.2  The following applies to Regional Groups:

8.2.1  The Regional Group's elected Chair is on the SSQA Steering Committee.

8.2.2  The Regional Group's activities shall be announced in the SSQA Newsletter.

8.2.3  The Regional Group's membership list will be maintained with the SSQA's Membership list and their members will be considered as SSQA members until such time as they become independent organizations.

8.2.4  The Regional Group must adhere to the intent of the Charter and Bylaws of the SSQA.

Article 9 - Meetings

9.1  General Membership meetings should be held the second Tuesday of each month.

9.2  Meetings shall be held as planned by the Program Committee.

9.3  The SSQA shall hold meetings only in places that are open and accessible to all members of SSQA.

9.4  Steering Committee meetings should occur the second Monday following each General Membership meeting.

9.5  Written notice of meetings shall be distributed to all members at least one week prior to the meetings.

Article 10 - Disbursements and Dues

10.1  Disbursements from the Treasury for SSQA expenditures shall be made by the Auditor with authorization of the Executive Committee and shall be included in the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting minutes.

10.2  Dues (if any) shall be fixed annually by the Executive Committee.

Article 11 - Amendments and Voting Procedures

11.1  All proposed changes to these SSQA Bylaws shall have been approved by the Executive Committee before being presented to the SSQA membership for a vote.

11.2  No official business of the SSQA shall be conducted unless a quorum of the Executive Committee is present in person or by proxy.

11.3  Two (2) Executive Committee members is a quorum.

11.4  A quorum of the SSQA shall be defined as ten percent of the membership.

11.5  A simple majority of total votes cast shall be required to carry a motion.

11.6  To vote on the Bylaws, mail notification of the proposed Bylaws changes shall be made available at least 30 days prior to the voting date to all SSQA members.

11.7  Officers will be elected by a majority of total votes cast.

Article 12 - Dissolution of the SSQA

12.1  Dissolution of the SSQA by consent of the members shall consist of unanimous agreement of its currents officers together with a majority of total votes cast at a meeting which has been publicized in advance to all member of the SSQA for the purpose of taking this vote.

12.2  Should this SSQA be dissolved, its assets and liabilities shall be transferred to ASQ and shall be supervised by the Executive Committee.

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