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California Bay Area Local Groups

Bay Area Deming Users Group (BADUG)

IEEE GRID San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the ACM


Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC)

Quality Week (QW)

Software Testing Analysis & Review (STAR) and other conferences

QAI International Software Computer Testing

Practical Software Quality Techniques (PSQT)

Star West and Star East

Quality Awards

The Baldridge Award

California Council for Excellence

Usenet Groups

Google Groups (

FAQ (usenet group)


Pragmatic Software Newsletters

QA City

SR/Institute's Software Quality HotList

The Software Quality Page

Software Testing Stuff

Software QA and Testing Resource Center

Software Testing Hotlist

Cigital Labs

StickyMinds (Software Testing & Quality Engineering Network)

Quality Tree Web

ISO 9000 quality standards in plain English


Software Division of American Society for Quality

Software Quality Professional  (magazine)

Society for Software Quality

Center for National Software Studies



The Software Engineering Institute

Software Program Managers Network

Software Process Improvement (SPI) Methodologies


Model-Based Testing


Testing Tools, Consultants, and Courses (Marick/Faught's Page)

Tcl/Tk - An Internet Scripting Language

Programs for C Source Code Metrics

Expect - for automating interactive applications such as telnet, etc.

DejaGnu - a framework for testing other programs

JUnit - implements unit tests in Java

TetWorks on the Web

Test Tool Companies

CenterLine : Application Delivery Management System

Hewlett-Packard : Business Technology Optimization Software (former Mercury Interactive)

IBM : Process/Project Mgmt, Testing/Certification, Requirements Mgmt (former Rational)

Borland Software : Client/Server, GUI testing, performance testing (Former Segue)

E-valid: Client/Server, GUI testing, performance testing, coverage

Consultants (with pages giving info about Software Quality)

QA Forum

Cem Kaner: Bad Software: A Consumer Protection Guide

The Software Testing Center

LogiGear (QA City) [Expert Testing ... Real World Solutions]

Methods & Tools - FREE e-newsletter for software engineering (Franco Martinig)

Quality Assurance Institute


Satisfice (James Bach)

Software Systems Quality Consulting's (SSQC)

Software Development Technologies

Software Quality Engineering

Testing Foundations (Brian Marick)

Software Quality Methods (Douglas Hoffman)

Quality Tree (Elisabeth Hendrickson)

Coyote Valley (Brian Lawrence)


Who's Who in Software Testing Research (STORM)

NIST ITL SDCT:  Software Diagnostics and Conformance Testing Division

Glossary of assertion based testing terms

System Test Pattern Language




IBM Systems Journal - Software Quality (1994)

Good Enough Quality: Beyond the Buzzword  by James Bach


Software Technology Review Technology Descriptions

Software Technology Support Center (USAF)

Quality Technologies for Competitive Advantage

NASA Software Assurance Technologies Center


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